Developing Blackberry App Using Eclipse – Windows

After having a brief moment with Android now we move to a new topic, Blackberry aka BB. Indonesia, a country with population more than 237mio has gain tremendous world wide recognition in cyber space. With BB users around 2mio, this country has become (almost) the largest market share in social network communities 😉 Local Start-Ups […]

mYprize Evaluation Progress Update

Hello, We would like to update you on the progress of mYprize. Currently all entries are in the evaluation stage and we will be releasing mYprize video episodes starting from 22 February 2011. The episodes will be uploaded online on each week leading towards the announcement ceremony. (Date will be confirmed soon) In these […]

Twitter – Under the hood

It’s been a while since my last writings. Hhhhmm … lets write about social network, Twitter (Images will be updated soon :P) Lately, I’ve been addicted using Twitter bec. of its simplicity. Let’s see the time frame from popular social network I’ve been following recently; 2004 : Time of Friendster, anybody in Indonesia get crazed and hunting for […]

Developing Android apps in Windows (II)

Let’s continue our tutorial by creating Android Virtual Device (AVD) Assumptions: You already followed our first tutorial in Open your Eclipse IDE Go to Window > Android SDK and AVD Manager, update it first by choosing ‘Available packages’ Click ‘Install Selected’, it will open a new window. Choose Accept All > Install Just wait […]

Developing Android apps in Windows (I)

I want to share to u all how to develop application for Android in Windows. In this section, we will discuss about installing & preparing your IDE (Eclipse). Assumptions: You are using Windows 7 64-bit Requirements: Eclipse Classic 3.6.1 (Helios) for Windows 64-bit. Download from here ADT Plugin for Eclipse (ADT 8.0.0). Download from here […]

Why I don’t use Blackberry?

Before I start, I don’t want to make any flame on my posting. This is just my personal thoughts and opinions about Blackberry. === Blackberry (BB), a common gadget used by Indonesian nowadays. It’s a viral trend spread among youngsters and even senior population 😛 But not all individual are using BB, e.g. some governmental […]

Applying Visa for Japan

OK, mari kita berbagi sedikit pengalaman gw apply visa Jepang (Hari ini, 30.11.2010) Apa yang ada dibawah adalah informasi resmi yang bisa didapatkan dari website kedubes Jepang namun disini akan dibahas apa saja yg telah gw lakukan hari ini disana. Parkir mobil di EX, cari tempat yang dekat dengan jalan keluar. Jalan kaki ke […]

mYprize Final Countdown & Important Dates

Hi YES Innovators! We’re just 2 DAYS away from the closing of mYprize! It’s down to the final week of submissions, closing on the 30 November 2010. (Next Tuesday). The YES Innovation Network would like to thank everyone that has participated and are looking forward to collaborate on opportunities together. We would like to take […]