Pagination, PHP code share ;) – Part 2

You need to read the first part of this tutorial first, read here. For this tutorial I’m using FTPZilla as my FTP client to connect to my hosting service and Notepad++ as the default editor. Here is the usage of the class, <?php /* —————————————————– * File name : lhistory.php * Version : 2 * […]

Pagination, PHP code share ;) – Part 1

Believing that sharing knowledge is the best interest for greater good and to preserve our legacies. I’ve decided to release one-by-one some of codes that I’ve used on my past projects to public including how to use it 😉 Below are codes that I used to create pagination based on PHP language. For manual please […]

mYprize Final Countdown & Important Dates

Hi YES Innovators! We’re just 2 DAYS away from the closing of mYprize! It’s down to the final week of submissions, closing on the 30 November 2010. (Next Tuesday). The YES Innovation Network would like to thank everyone that has participated and are looking forward to collaborate on opportunities together. We would like to take […]