Bitte warten

Myprize probably one from several competitions I have entered that has long waiting period of time. Just get this email from the comittee ….the Myprize ceremony will have to be delayed until mid-April, date to be confirmed in a fortnight. On behalf of YTL Communications, we sincerely apologize for the change and truly understand the […]

mYprize Evaluation Progress Update

Hello, We would like to update you on the progress of mYprize. Currently all entries are in the evaluation stage and we will be releasing mYprize video episodes starting from 22 February 2011. The episodes will be uploaded online on each week leading towards the announcement ceremony. (Date will be confirmed soon) In these […]

mYprize Final Countdown & Important Dates

Hi YES Innovators! We’re just 2 DAYS away from the closing of mYprize! It’s down to the final week of submissions, closing on the 30 November 2010. (Next Tuesday). The YES Innovation Network would like to thank everyone that has participated and are looking forward to collaborate on opportunities together. We would like to take […]


Related link : Doctor-QR Vote Link: My Profile in 4G: An application based on PHP to simulate features expected by the proposal currently under development and its on the testing phase. It will be open soon to public. A draft is available to be view by public proposal-myprize-doctor-qr-2.38 == WHAT IS DOCTOR-QR? Doctor-QR […]

Java Master 2005

Bego …….. Satu kata yg terucap dari mulut gw, undangan dari bulan Januari baru gw buka skarang, jadi telat buat nge-develop “Java Mobile Application” buat Siemens & Sun, lombanya sich dari Januari s.d. Juli 2005 cuman persiapannya itulo yg banyak makan waktu, bikin pusing…. arggghhh….. Akhirnya registrasi juga, nge-submit 2 aplikasi 1. Sekuriti 2. Organizer […]