I can do in 5 minutes what Jokowi’s IT consultant did in 2 weeks

Recently, I like to read articles that relate between Indonesia’s Presidential Candidates and IT infrastructure. I can argue or giving inputs to public because IT is my daily stuff. I would like to continue what I have said previously in my facebook post about what I can do in 5 minutes compare to Jokowi’s IT […]

Securing SSH using Public Key authentication – Part 2: Accessing through SSH Client

Now after everything has been prepared on the server (read; Securing SSH using Public Key authentication – Part 1: Configuring the server) We can configure our laptop/PC/Workstation to access the server using Public Key. Open your PuTTY, add your server IP Server on Host Name, choose the Connection type to SSH. Named the sessions on […]

Securing SSH using Public Key authentication – Part 1: Configuring the server

This morning I was reading an article that shows how someone break into KPU (Commission for National Election in Indonesia) and did some security audits. Here’s the link http://audit-kpu.blogspot.com/2014/07/security-audit-sistem-it-kpu-pilpres.html?m=1 My concern is that the security on KPU’s server was so low and the quality of application being built are below standard. It shows that it being built […]

Reverse Engineering on Dragonvale database

Since 2.5 months ago I have been addicted to play this game in my iPad: Dragonvale. Its a product from Backflip Studios, you can download it from here. In this game we try to raise, and breed various of dragons. You can get some money and gems here. It went in my mind to reverse […]

Pagination, PHP code share ;) – Part 2

You need to read the first part of this tutorial first, read here. For this tutorial I’m using FTPZilla as my FTP client to connect to my hosting service and Notepad++ as the default editor. Here is the usage of the class, <?php /* —————————————————– * File name : lhistory.php * Version : 2 * […]

How I Met You and Your Mother – Behind the scene (How to encrypt your message)

Hahahaha … I believe many people has been deceived by my previous post ‘How I Met You and Your Mother’. I can see it here by reading the server log :)) *read the first part – ‘How I Met You and Your Mother’ here As a lecturer, If I want to give my students tasks I […]

Pagination, PHP code share ;) – Part 1

Believing that sharing knowledge is the best interest for greater good and to preserve our legacies. I’ve decided to release one-by-one some of codes that I’ve used on my past projects to public including how to use it 😉 Below are codes that I used to create pagination based on PHP language. For manual please […]

Non/Human Recognition and Authentication Logic (NURUL). Proof of Concept: Breaking reCaptcha

In this post I will put the basic idea of NURUL, I will not write down details of my article here but only a little bit explanations. The idea is so simple but I guess some people already found out how to bypass it caused I got some evidences that there are bots that can […]