I can do in 5 minutes what Jokowi’s IT consultant did in 2 weeks

Recently, I like to read articles that relate between Indonesia’s Presidential Candidates and IT infrastructure. I can argue or giving inputs to public because IT is my daily stuff. I would like to continue what I have said previously in my facebook post about what I can do in 5 minutes compare to Jokowi’s IT […]

Securing SSH using Public Key authentication – Part 1: Configuring the server

This morning I was reading an article that shows how someone break into KPU (Commission for National Election in Indonesia) and did some security audits. Here’s the link http://audit-kpu.blogspot.com/2014/07/security-audit-sistem-it-kpu-pilpres.html?m=1 My concern is that the security on KPU’s server was so low and the quality of application being built are below standard. It shows that it being built […]

Pagination, PHP code share ;) – Part 2

You need to read the first part of this tutorial first, read here. For this tutorial I’m using FTPZilla as my FTP client to connect to my hosting service and Notepad++ as the default editor. Here is the usage of the class, <?php /* —————————————————– * File name : lhistory.php * Version : 2 * […]

Twitter – Under the hood

It’s been a while since my last writings. Hhhhmm … lets write about social network, Twitter (Images will be updated soon :P) Lately, I’ve been addicted using Twitter bec. of its simplicity. Let’s see the time frame from popular social network I’ve been following recently; 2004 : Time of Friendster, anybody in Indonesia get crazed and hunting for […]

Developing Android apps in Windows (II)

Let’s continue our tutorial by creating Android Virtual Device (AVD) Assumptions: You already followed our first tutorial in http://www.halilintar.org/2010/12/android-in-windows-2/ Open your Eclipse IDE Go to Window > Android SDK and AVD Manager, update it first by choosing ‘Available packages’ Click ‘Install Selected’, it will open a new window. Choose Accept All > Install Just wait […]


Related link : Doctor-QR Vote Link: http://goo.gl/bsHq3 My Profile in 4G: http://goo.gl/DkJbJ An application based on PHP to simulate features expected by the proposal currently under development and its on the testing phase. It will be open soon to public. A draft is available to be view by public proposal-myprize-doctor-qr-2.38 == WHAT IS DOCTOR-QR? Doctor-QR […]

Java Master 2005

Bego …….. Satu kata yg terucap dari mulut gw, undangan dari bulan Januari baru gw buka skarang, jadi telat buat nge-develop “Java Mobile Application” buat Siemens & Sun, lombanya sich dari Januari s.d. Juli 2005 cuman persiapannya itulo yg banyak makan waktu, bikin pusing…. arggghhh….. Akhirnya registrasi juga, nge-submit 2 aplikasi 1. Sekuriti 2. Organizer […]