Bitte warten

Myprize probably one from several competitions I have entered that has long waiting period of time.
Just get this email from the comittee

….the Myprize ceremony will have to be delayed until mid-April, date to be confirmed in a fortnight.
On behalf of YTL Communications, we sincerely apologize for the change and truly understand the inconvenience caused from a scheduling perspective….
We are currently producing 8 Online Video Episodes that will be announcing the selection of the Top 48 —> Top 30 —> Final 18.
The episodes are to be released over a period of 4 weeks(2 episodes/week) leading towards the ceremony. These videos will be hosted on YES World (…

Hhhhmm, I’ll wait for INAICTA 2011 to start. It kept me curious to enter this competition again after my last submission on INAICTA 2010 😉

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