mYprize Evaluation Progress Update


We would like to update you on the progress of mYprize.

Currently all entries are in the evaluation stage and we will be releasing mYprize video episodes starting from 22 February 2011.

The episodes will be uploaded online on each week leading towards the announcement ceremony. (Date will be confirmed soon)

In these episodes, the evaluation progress will be shown and each week entries will be featured and elimination rounds will be gone through to see which entries make it through to the next round.

During the Live Ceremony the Top 18 will be going through a Live Judging session and the winners will only be known on the day itself.

Evaluation Format
1. 975 Entries
2. 218 Qualifier
3. Top 48 Shortlist
4. Top 30 Shortlist
5. Top 18 Shortlist
6. 9 Winners

As our company is currently launching new products in the following month, the announcement ceremony would be most likely be held in March. As our board and CEO would be tied up with the upcoming new launches. We are currently in the midst of planning the event ceremony and appreciate your support and patience.

Please stay tuned and keep in touch as we are currently in the consolidation stages.


Yes Innovation Network Team

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