Developing Android apps in Windows (I)

I want to share to u all how to develop application for Android in Windows. In this section, we will discuss about installing & preparing your IDE (Eclipse).


  • You are using Windows 7 64-bit


  • Eclipse Classic 3.6.1 (Helios) for Windows 64-bit. Download from here
  • ADT Plugin for Eclipse (ADT 8.0.0). Download from here or simply u can use Eclipse facility to install software.
  • SDK Tools, r8. Link here

Extract Eclipse in Desktop or any location that u want.

Install SDK Tools, r8

If u get message above than u should download JDK first from here

Bandwidth show off (242 bytes*8) = 2Mbps :P, its very fast in Indonesia dude J)

OK, let’s continue to install SDK Tools, r8. If the installation still complaining about JDK, just download the 32-bit version & install it. That will do the trick.

This is my full window screenshot.

It probably takes about 60 minutes for this process to complete

If it ask u to restart your ADB just click Yes > Close

Now Installing ADT for Eclipse, Help > Install New Software > Add

Follow the procedures to Install ADT.

Go to Window > Open Perspective > Others > DDMS

Check if it’s ready for development, go to Window > Android SDK and AVD Manager

If you have error like above pic then you have to re-configure the Window > Preferences > Android > SDK Location

OK , and your IDE is ready 😉

A complete offline documentation is available for you to download here

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