mYprize Global Developer Challenge – The End

After 1,5 years of competition starting from November 2010, this is what I finally get from mYprize Committee. 24 February 2012 mYprize Global Developer Challenge Dear Participant, On behalf of YTL Communications, we would like to express our heartfelt gratitude for your participation in the mYprize Global Developer Challenge. We however regret to inform you […]

How I Met You and Your Mother – Behind the scene (How to encrypt your message)

Hahahaha … I believe many people has been deceived by my previous post ‘How I Met You and Your Mother’. I can see it here by reading the server log :)) *read the first part – ‘How I Met You and Your Mother’ here As a lecturer, If I want to give my students tasks I […]

Pagination, PHP code share ;) – Part 1

Believing that sharing knowledge is the best interest for greater good and to preserve our legacies. I’ve decided to release one-by-one some of codes that I’ve used on my past projects to public including how to use it 😉 Below are codes that I used to create pagination based on PHP language. For manual please […]

Bitte warten

Myprize probably one from several competitions I have entered that has long waiting period of time. Just get this email from the comittee ….the Myprize ceremony will have to be delayed until mid-April, date to be confirmed in a fortnight. On behalf of YTL Communications, we sincerely apologize for the change and truly understand the […]

How I Met You and Your Mother

Hint (QR-Code) :   hQEMA3WMOpAFSe1kAQf+NNBtoUbS+3RcBpy2jBlFp/k3p3IS6EQnF8a6blRp9itg uPeFqxzJ691163jDhcanxVXv0xUyJWKeb3bexX3vBw7gLOPHX7fTXPnhEH8V4ndA r3g+Xee8up43amMNoNtX98nnvj1V2xjmV7hhRWvip+xcNBrpE17AnTsHKDb3AUM5 b7Bbc5R8JAfjqLNQA3gewqnbsDnUyuRwixATp81hXySC0DFovtbE6/+Z/6USb9Kf hwFmypPC5qnirGL/1bQpSa70LsF8e16TJjmPpKdA+o5QfsLdubnnbVC6Uhzgd3b8 iAobvRdDfmXjJcqZ+KFKB+qKKDg2KstBStTXNObv/9LApQFpALxwNJmObBykpmH6 etbPbGif6IUxkYzIW4ad3uwMVD8JkkqQUYoaO88cxGETpOsc8PCD6E97whDieYHv OFycX2T2wKPUcgxrube8RgsQT4Z7RHt3NjAX1fOm27P/c59zcGA+caYpIU3UQY1U QykLyCw5M9qi0TR46lufv0Gph81BFqE5RYj4RrOvfxyQzcjSfFpruaq19L9imM/j PaNKOZcnRrEwa4H8mUCgKILTYD9/3LTleRpSvjPjLCu1LobXbRD3QQVy9fJDSjfW 2VLbheC8LFfeYsGyD9DvwNxtGJDDPMY3c1V18mtjRST6j2hz7kIHyFGg6ysKXCHp 6n+cuabEeJnXUKTycSAHz08DtOxFVFGNZtzrpXgiaJxJDoP50/hR/48PGoegCL3V 5GtUiC5hueIRDnzmXzBQ3frRHH6pSE5JDuiLQjPXJXXxS0abNlw2mRjgd9Il6Z2a 2Rp56qrbDg== =nmSz  

Non/Human Recognition and Authentication Logic (NURUL). Proof of Concept: Breaking reCaptcha

In this post I will put the basic idea of NURUL, I will not write down details of my article here but only a little bit explanations. The idea is so simple but I guess some people already found out how to bypass it caused I got some evidences that there are bots that can […]