Virtualization & Networking

Its getting bored when I always talk about programming. Hey! I know something about virtualization, cloud, network, and clustering.

First time I knew about virtualization is around 2004. At that time, the very sophisticated tools to done such a thing only VMWare Workstation 4 got it from CHIP Indonesia CD.

On networking I’ve learn a lot about creating web, dns, dhcp, database, proxy server on linux, windows 2003, and openbsd. Most of it are trials and errors. Lesson that I got from my curriculum more on analytical, such as IP calculation (v4&v6), Algorithm, Encryption-Decryption, OSI Layer, etc.

Perhaps, I will discuss more about details on my next posts. Want to go home first, Jakarta is famous because of the traffic jam and its getting worse when its dark and raining 😉

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