Its just a state of mind

Perhaps there’s a true behind what i said on the title above, but u will prove it by yourself when u experience it.

For the time being I always coding using structured way, but later on I realise that it doesn’t suit enough for me again.
The programming language that I use is PHP.
So I move to OOP, for record, I already understand OOP since my time in High School but when I went to College one of my lecturers breaking-down my fundamental of understanding for OOP
(Some of u probably know who he is … hehehe … he is a nice guys but sometimes can be a little bit confusing :P).

Its hard for me again to understand OOP again but when i realise the pattern that created by me and my program with other examples from Internet I start to develope my own library class (I cannot understand something better if I don’t try it by myself, eventhough I have to be a little bit annoying in some of the Programmer Forum in the Internet, Ya ga Mas Edo … hehehehe …).

But some of my apps is still in Structured way, rather not because its difficult to migrate into OOP but because I’m little bit lazy to do it … hehehehehe ….

I’ve some experience using PHP Framework like Smarty, Prado, CI, Zend, Cake.
But CI is the framework I feel most comfy to program based on it.
If u already have the concept in your head and understand what u want to make, than its a green-light for u to code some program or routine.

Right now AOP (Aspect Oriented Programming) already start its popularity, depends on time whether u will understand it or not if u have the will to know it.

I find it very difficult to learn bout MVC (Model-View-Controller/Presenter) back in college, but now, hey, its easy to do it !
The understanding of concept will bring u to the final conclusion that every programming language are simmilar to each other.
You just need to see its pattern and have enough knowledge to use its APIs.
The conclusion is “its just a state of mind.”

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